The Dealership

Founder & Chairman - Yashwant Jhabakh

With a graduation from Loyola College in Chennai, Yashwant Jhabakh began his professional life a little differently. His passion for cars won him many accolades as a national car rallying professional. A self-made man in the true sense of the word, Yashwant Jhabakh, a person with big dreams and bigger visions, sketched his line of business by starting a travel agency in the year 1988. The company’s fleet grew to a whooping 100 cars in a short span of time. His presence of mind and ability to seize opportunities with fortitude and passion led to the inauguration of the Authorised Service Centre for Telco in 1994. When Mercedes-Benz selected Telco to assist them in selling and servicing passenger cars in India, he took this as an opportunity to foray into the luxury automotive retailing segment. In 1998, he set up the only Mercedes-Benz dealership in Andhra Pradesh.

With clear strategies, vision and values combined with over 25 years of experience in the field of automobiles, he has expanded his business into different sectors and regions.

Jhabakh defines his mantra of success as an amalgamation of commitment, passion and hard work. He believes that self-assessment and peer feedback are key leadership tools which constitute the foundations of self leadership. He also believes in guiding his employees to grow as leaders themselves.

Managing Director - Diniyar Marshall

Diniyar Marshall   An automobile engineer with a diploma from AMIE - Kerala, Diniyar Marshall started his career at an early age with an enthusiasm for national car rallying. He used his experience in navigating car rallies and also churning out some of the best-built rally cars. As a partner in the travel agency set up in 1988, he was instrumental in strengthening its core processes as well as formulating strategies for expansion. He played a chief role in setting up the Telco Authorised Service Centre. In 1996, when Mercedes-Benz sought assistance from Telco for sales and service, Marshall seized the opportunity to foray into the segment of luxury car retailing. He spearheaded the team that sold 54 cars in six months, marking the inception of over a decade long fruitful partnership with the Mercedes-Benz brand.

His role as Director for Adishwar Auto from 1998 onwards has ensured many achievements and accolades for the dealership. A true salesman by character, Marshall’s strength has been his obstinate never-say-die disposition. He succeeded in carving out an exclusive niche for the Mercedes-Benz brand in Andhra Pradesh. His simple yet profound sales principles combined with his vast experience in the automotive industry have enabled him to take the organisation from strength to strength and in identifying lucrative future markets for expansion.

As Managing Director and CEO, Marshall is one of the guiding forces of the organisation that include the Mercedes-Benz dealership and the multi-brand pre-owned cars outlet.  He is currently immersed in his mandate of overseeing the overall growth of the organisation and chalking out future expansion strategies.