The GLC.

Strength from within.

‘Hey Mercedes’

A whole new way of operating a car. Simple. Intuitive. With words and touch. This is MBUX – the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience. The highlights: new digital displays and touch control elements, a natural speech recognition system plus the ability to adapt itself better to you each day.

Mercedes GLC

Treat your eyes to something special.

Nothing appeals to the eye more than an aura of strength and athleticism. The new GLC has a particularly sporty charisma. With its broader shoulders, integrated tailpipe trim and new rim designs, it conveys an even greater sense of power and dominance. In addition, the new flattened tail lights feature LEDs as standard for the first time. A more striking radiator grille, more elegant chrome elements, and slimmer headlamps lend the front end of the new GLC an even more commanding SUV-style presence.

Mercedes GLC

A strong character with new facets.

The new GLC is more intelligent, dynamic and self-assured than ever. With a fascinatingly cutting-edge operating system that adapts more accurately to your needs and preferences every day. With an even more expressive SUV design. And with comfort and safety systems that attend better than ever to you and your well-being.


GLC 300 4MATIC | GLC 220d 4MATIC

GLC 200 | GLC 220d 4MATIC

Technical Data

Technical Data for Mercedes GLC


Mercedes GLC features - Panoramic Sunroof

Panoramic Sunroof

EXCLUSIVE interior

EXCLUSIVE interior

Mercedes GLC features - Wireless charging system

Wireless charging system

Mercedes GLC features - Dynamic Select


Advanced sound system

Advanced sound system

26 cm (10.25 inch) HD Touch Display

26 cm (10.25 inch) HD Touch Display

Colour Options

Colour Options for Mercedes GLC

Alloy Options

Alloy options for Mercedes GLC

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